Thursday, May 30th, 2024

Coronavirus – helping vulnerable neighbours

A group of local volunteers have set up a Community Facebook page to help neighbours or anyone who is vulnerable and in need during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Facebook page can be used by those in need of help to reach out, as well as to co-ordinate volunteers in the parishes who are willing to provide help.

Go online to:

IF YOU ARE SEEKING HELP OR SUPPORT, welcome. Scroll down to the parish thread where you live, follow that thread and leave a comment on that thread, saying what it is you need. Someone will get back to you asap. If you don’t hear back within a day please contact admin. You will never be asked to give your payment card to anyone, nor your pin. Our volunteers will never ask to come into your home and will make arrangements that make sure you don’t have to open the door to them. Please keep safe.

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO OFFER HELP OR SUPPORT, welcome too! Scroll down to your parish thread, follow that thread and comment on the page, offering help. The thread leader will then contact you, and may suggest you move to a different group or page where the co-ordinated effort is being managed for your parish.

HOW TO FIND YOUR PARISH, please scroll down and find the thread for that parish. I’m afraid they aren’t all in a sensible order. Kemsing and Wrotham/Borough Green and Westerham are right at the bottom. Sevenoaks Town, Ightham and New Ash Green are quite near the top. All other parishes are in the middle in reverse alphabetical order. Once you’ve found your parish you might want to click on the three dots beside the parish thread heading and turn notifications on. Then you’ll be alerted every time someone posts on your parish thread.

Please visit the facebook page and offer help if you are able, our community needs you more than ever.



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