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 We once heard somewhere that ‘life is a chance that gives choice and simultaneously a choice to have a chance.’ Well, the two main characters in this story may have fallen together by chance but both have spent many years choosing to step up and make positive change to the world around them.The two amazing women we speak of – both of whom have received special honours by way of British Empire awards for their individual charitable endeavours – are Lizzy Hall MBE and Eliza Ecclestone BEM. Lizzy is the founder of national charity, The Hygiene Bank and Eliza is the

Today, 8th March, marks International Women's Day, a global day (that's taken place since 1911) that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. All over the world, people are driving equality for women. Join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #IWD2024  Imagine a gender equal world. A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that's diverse, equitable, and inclusive. A world where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women's equality. - International Women's Day  We reached out to some of the inspiring women in Sevenoaks who are leading the way for change

It's finally here!We are THRILLED to bring to you 'The ULTIMATE Christmas Gift Guide'.From stocking-stuffers to generous gifting, it's all here. And, of course, every item, every retailer we've included is from our wonderful Sevenoaks community.So, without further ado, we implore you to browse, feel inspired and support your local shops!Happy shopping!DOWNLOAD HERE: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2023 P.S. There's still time to get involved! Simply contact Steph Harrison at

How many people can say they’ve had a lock in at the Tower of London?On Thursday 17th August, Steph Harrison, Founder of My Sevenoaks Community and one of the Founding Members of Charity Angels - a breast cancer fundraising group – invited friends and business owners to join the Charity Angels committee (and their guests) to a very special and exclusive event at the Tower of London.Here’s how it went down…  Sevenoaks Businesses Take Over The Tower of London Hosted by Spike Abbott - one of just 36 Yeoman Warders at the Tower - attendees had the privilege of a private tour

The Lewis Project based at The House in The Basement of the Stag theatre in Sevenoaks, was founded in 2015 by Michele Grace and Sandra Boxall. Through a personal awareness and understanding of mental health, the pair recognised a need for a music hub in their community in order to bring young people together, share experiences and create music.[caption id="attachment_14052" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Jamming sessions[/caption]Using the uplifting and unifying powers of music, the charity aims to promote mental wellbeing in young musicians aged 16+, who suffer with anxiety among similar mental health issues. By offering a platform to showcase their often

There is nothing more comforting than someone to talk to, and in a time of need this can be the greatest comfort of all.  Uncertainty lingers in all our lives during these unprecedented times, but the lack of clarity for those diagnosed with breast cancer is unfortunately one known to many.  However, it is the inspiring charity Breast Cancer Now that has long sought to decipher this often fearful road that lies ahead. Through a combination of life-changing care and world-class research, Breast Cancer Now ensures that no one walks that road alone.  As the third and final charity that

We are all hopeful for a more eventful summer, one where we can enjoy BBQ’s with loved ones  and reconnect with close friends at our favourite restaurants. However, even when lockdown does  finally lift, this is a luxury that many residents of Sevenoaks understand is an unattainable  possibility. Instead they are hopeful for fresh produce in their fridge, and essentials stocked in their  cupboards in order to put simple, healthy meals on the table to feed their families.  This economic gap within the Sevenoaks community is one that local resident Claire Richie  decided to address. As the second charity that Sevenoaks

As the new year brings new hope to many, Sevenoaks Community are proud to champion the incredible work of three charities that have brought hope to numerous individuals since they began. Over the course of 2021 we will be sharing the remarkable efforts of these charities with you, giving an insight into the uplifting work that is carried out by the hidden heroes of Sevenoaks. These charities will include Breast Cancer Now, Sevenoaks Larder, and Friends for Families. The first charity to introduce is Friends for Families. Set up in 2018 by local residents Shona Campbell and Debbie Griffin, this charity