Monday, November 28th, 2022

I’m no spring chicken ,but, inside I’m still 17.Reality hit though, going through customs at Mykonos, where a young Adonis at passport control was flashing his eyes at

Having tweaked my itinerary several times over the two weeks leading up to my solo trip, I decided that as I was going all the way back to

I’m not entirely sure when I decided I’d like to try travelling alone.I think, looking back, it was a number of things that persuaded me.All in all, the

Recently, My Sevenoaks Community paid a visit to Sevenoaks Boxing Club to check out this much loved local enterprise, and of course try our hand at a bit

My Sevenoaks Community recently met with Kent resident Josie Longhurst to have a chat about her inspiring journey so far in the world of women’s football. Enthusiastic and

Cryotherapy on a regular basis enables you to look after both your recovery and wellbeing.Achieve multiple health and wellness benefits such as helping with weight loss, enhancing the

If you are considering our shape off programme, please read Marisa’s experience below.  There are no limiting factors to training at Better Body Group; MARISA’S EXPERIENCE: I have been going

Inspirational and humble are just two words that come to mind when describing Joan Mills MBE. Appointed as the new England Netball President in 2020, Joan’s enduring passion

The popularity of women and girls rugby Global demand for women and girls’ rugby is on the increase more and more girls and women are interested in being involved