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Camp Kindling. A Weekend for Families like no other.

A chance to escape from the grind of everyday modern life, and a welcome respite from technology and screens. Let us introduce you to Camp Kindling. A forest retreat for families packed full of wild adventures and wilder parties, among the company of like minded people. Described as ‘utopian’, this experience lets your inhibitions break free and is one that will certainly provide a generous dose of life-affirming inspiration to each and every individual that attends.

Engineered and managed by Lee and Julia, the delightful duo created Camp Kindling in response to the fulfilment they experienced at festivals and the enchantment of the adventures they had during childhood. Through Camp Kindling, the pair have brought to life a unique and wonderful family experience that effortlessly mirrors the same sense of euphoria that many of us have greatly come to miss. With a chance to learn and discover new skills, indulge in exhilarating activities such as aerial trapeze, quad biking and jewellery making – there is truly something to light up every soul, young and old.   

Set in the beautiful Heritage Pine Forest within the stunning St Clere Estate in Sevenoaks, families are given the chance to re-connect and engage with each other whilst encountering the delights of nature. With so much discovery to be had amidst the captivating back drop of the forest and the enthralling abundance of activities, the weekend is a welcome opportunity to vacate the everyday and forget the stresses and strains that weave through our modern lives. From dazzling lights that bring out the magic of the forest at night, to the anticipation of the next day’s action packed schedule, not a minute is wasted in this wonderful wooded adventure.   

Championing this weekend retreat is Eliza Ecclestone from St Clere. Eliza like many others has commended this exclusive, fun fuelled event for its ability to bring families together whilst indulging in the charming country surroundings:

“As far as I can tell, adults who attend Camp Wildfire have the most fun that is possible to have legally in the countryside. I’m so excited that the team have adapted it to create Camp Kindling for families.  It’s everything I wanted to find when my kids were younger; good clean outdoor fun with parents and kids having a proper laugh together in a beautiful and safe spot. What’s not to love?”

With lockdown having confined us more than usual to our homes and to our screens over the past 13 months, Camp Kindling could not have come at a more perfect time. A chance to release some of the pent up energy that has been brewing, and break free from the restraints of our walls, this summer camp offers the perfect stay-cation to bring back the zest in many family’s lives that has been void during the pandemic.   

To soak up the joys of Camp Kindling with your family, you can buy your tickets on the 7th of May at 10am, in anticipation for the weekend which will take place on the 20th-23rd of August. If you would like to discover more of what this sensational summer camp has to offer, then visit their website: https://campkindling.co.uk/

For adults 18+ wanting to taste a similar weekend combining a host of exhilaration and bliss, there is the spectacular Camp Wildfire. The original creation by Lee and Julia, Camp Wildfire has everything to ignite your senses. From wild parties, thrilling activities, live music, captivating live talks, to a relaxing spa. There is something to be had and enjoyed by everyone. It is this sense of inclusivity that lead to Camp Kindling, providing a chance for families to engage in the same discovery and excitement that has uplifted so many adults since Camp Wildfire was first established.

Tickets for Camp Wildfire will go on sale on the 30th of April, with the event being held on the weekend of August the 27th-30th and September 3rd-6th. To find out more then visit their website https://campwildfire.co.uk/

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