Friday, June 14th, 2024

Nadia Lavelle Photography

Portrait photographer focused on ensuring her clients have a great experience, Nadia specialises in Individual and Team Headshots, Personal Branding, Family Portraits, Event and Product Photography. With 17 years experience in media and communications, Nadia uses this expertise to help her Personal Branding and Headshot clients clearly communicate their messaging through their imagery. Nadia knows how much people often don’t like having their picture taken and focuses on the individual, ensuring they enjoy their experience by creating a relaxed and friendly environment, which is evidenced in all her reviews.
Based in Riverhead, all Nadia’s bookings start with a video consultation to discuss her client’s requirements and how she will work with them to deliver them. Here they’ll discuss location, backdrops, lighting, posing, outfits, make up and much more.
Nadia understands the importance of capturing people at ease, which means focusing on building that rapport, ensuring her client is comfortable, confident and clearly communicating that perfect bit of individual personality.
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