Sunday, May 26th, 2024

Luxury Styling Retreats

Sarah is an Image Consultant and NLP Practitioner and is local to Sevenoaks with 13 years’ experience in the work of styling and make-up. She works mainly with women in midlife but also works with men. She had the pleasure of working with a professor at Oxford university. Sarah’s services are colour analysis, body shape and wardrobe personality analysis, wardrobe edit, personal shopping, make-up tutorial, hair advice and scarf tying workshops.

Are you in a rut? Or are you going through the menopause, or maybe your body is changing shape and you want to learn how to dress for your body shape? Sarah will give you the knowledge and help you gain more confidence. This will also help you save time, money and have a wardrobe that really works for you. Sarah’s motto is “It’s the feel before the look” as when we feel fabulous, we look fabulous.

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