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Are you concerned by the rise in knife crime? Learn how to deal with the threat at survival seminar

KNIFE crime has been in the headlines recently because of the record number of attacks in London.

Official statistics from the Met Police show that so far in 2018 there have been 1,296 stabbings in the capital up to the end of April and at least 46 people have been fatally wounded as a result of these attacks.

Fortunately, this kind of crime is rare in the Sevenoaks area but if you are concerned by the London statistics, you may be interested in the adults only (18+ years) Knife Survival Seminar being held at Sevenoaks Primary School on Saturday 14 July (10.15am – 1.15pm).

It is being hosted by Invicta Karate Academy and is being led by Paul Steadman a 5th Dan JKA who has more than 30 years’ experience in both the martial arts and professional arenas.

The seminar is designed to help you: Build your awareness strategies; Learn distance management strategies; Help you become active in situations and take control; Learn how to handle such a situation and walk away.

The cost is £15 (or £10 for members of the Academy)

Toby Price, the owner of the Invicta Karate Academy said: “As an Academy, we believe in preparing and helping our adult and child students for all situations in life whether it be self-defence, focus, confidence or just providing an outlet for stress relief.

“Sadly, knife crime has been on the rise and, although we would rather not have to provide such a seminar, we believe it is the right thing to do by arming people with knowledge and remove the potential feeling of becoming a victim.

“It is important to realise that this is not a lesson in how to have a knife fight or disarm people like a Hollywood film. This is about avoidance, evasion and escaping safely. It is not a Karate lesson and normal clothes can be worn however some people may see some benefits in this sort of purposeful training.”

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