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A Celebration of YOU with Nadia Lavelle Photography

“Congratulations!” … “I’m so proud of you!” … “You’re doing amazing!” …

I’m sure you have no problem with saying this to your friends, family and children when they’ve accomplished something fantastic. But do you ever reward yourself for YOUR achievements?

Sadly, many of us are crippled with embarrassment when compliments are bestowed upon us or cringe at the very idea of public recognition for fear of looking boastful or pompous.

But there’s one lady out there who is hellbent on changing that narrative by encouraging people to not shy away from their spectacular achievements but celebrate them instead – no matter how big or small.

Nadia, founder of Nadia Lavelle Photography, has put together something exceptional which we just know you’ll be adding to your Christmas wishlist this year OR gifting as an unforgettable experience for a loved one.



What might you celebrate?

Essentially, you can (and should!) celebrate anything that makes you feel good, anytime you have triumphed over adversity or want to immortalise an occasion or lifestage so that you can revisit it for years to come. Or simply, just because.

There are so many reasons why you could celebrate YOU:

Personal achievements

Overcoming an illness, graduating from university, buying your first home, a sporting achievement.

Career achievements

Setting up your own business, starting a new job, publishing a book, winning an award, completing a special project.

Lifestages & milestones

Big birthdays, a pregnancy, an engagement, a special anniversary.


Celebrating the moments that mean something to you is a form of self-care and helps to build confidence and self-esteem whilst appreciating your resilience and hard work. In other words, it’s really good for you.



‘Celebration Of You’ Photography Package  – here’s what you need to know

Celebration Of You’ is a passion project of Nadia’s and is a liberating photographic experience designed for you to feel comfortable, reflect on and luxuriate in your achievements with a team of professionals who are there to celebrate with you. We all deserve our moment in the spotlight, what better way to commemorate than an indulgent experience such as this?

Here’s what’s included in this one-of-a-kind experience:

Pre-shoot consultation

Fun and thought-provoking dedicated time with Nadia and her team to explore the creative direction of the shoot and drill down on the logistics.

Here’s the kind of things you can expect to discuss; look & feel, style, location, outfits, hair & make-up, lighting, types of shots, props, posing etc.

Hair, make-up and styling

Relax and feel pampered as your devoted hair and make-up stylist, either Lauren Garfitt or Sarah Rumsey, works their magic in the chair for 1 ½ hours. Bring a friend along to enjoy, laugh and soak up your special moment.

The photoshoot

The photoshoot itself takes around 2 hours. During this time, Nadia will encourage your personality to dazzle so that your photos also sparkle with that same energy.


“A good photo of you is a well-lit, well-exposed image of you. But a GREAT portrait is all of that and much, much more – your personality shines through, it accentuates the features you want it to, you look totally at ease and most importantly, you LOVE it.”- Nadia Lavelle

After the shoot

Nadia will edit the photos according to your desired style (as per your pre-shoot brief) and bring your vision to life. Once the editing process is done, you’ll meet with Nadia who’ll present you with a gallery of images. Together, you’ll review and select the images that best tell your story. You’ll take away a mix of digital imagery and print:

  • 10x high resolution digital files (supplied in different file formats for social media, printing and web use)
  • 3x 12”x16” art prints

You may choose to upgrade your package to include framing and wall art.

Do you know someone who deserves this unique, pampering and celebratory experience? You can choose to purchase this package as a gift voucher! Learn more here.



Nadia Lavelle Photography

Nadia graduated university with a degree in photography – she intricately knows her way around a camera – and went on to have a successful 17-year career in media and communications, working with big brands like Kellogg’s, Revlon and Transport for London. This set her up to intimately understand what it takes to draw out the key message you want to portray to the outside, how to evoke emotion and tell a story.

We asked Nadia how she gets the best out of the clients she works with now.

“As a professional photographer, I understand the importance of capturing people at ease, which means ensuring they are comfortable, confident and clearly communicating that perfect bit of individual personality. The technical side of my job is the basics, the main part of my job is focusing on the individual and ensuring they look their best in front of the camera, that means, putting them at ease. Building a rapport is everything and it comes from knowing your technical skills and equipment inside out and being a people person, making sure the focus stays on your client and ultimately, having fun with it. I love my job and I feel lucky to have such amazing clients.”


“I booked Nadia in for my 12-year-old as a birthday present as she was desperate to get head shots done. She was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but Nadia made her feel so relaxed and comfortable. Nadia is super friendly, accommodating and SO good at her job. There was no rushing or impatience during the shoot, Nadia made us feel like we had all the time in the world. To say we are happy with the photos would be an understatement, they are so beautiful and better than we ever expected. Thank you so much Nadia, for such a lovely experience my daughter won’t forget.”


Get in touch with Nadia

If this sounds good to you or you’ve got somebody in mind who deserves a pamper session, here’s how you can get in touch with Nadia:


Follow Nadia Lavelle Photography on Facebook and Instagram.

Other types of photography Nadia specialises in: personal & business branding, individual & team headshots, family, lifestyle, product shots and events.



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